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National Paved the Way to Furthering Graduate's Education and Career

National Paved the Way to Furthering Graduate's Education and Career

Dec 10, 2013

In her job working as the Entrepreneurial Training Academy (ETA) coordinator for the Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative (GCMI), Tracey Hayes helps others fulfill their dreams of owning their own business as she leads them through training and mentoring programs that will help them succeed.  But Tracey’s career and her own dream of earning a college degree might not have become a reality without the support she found at the Cincinnati Campus.

Earlier in her career, Tracey had just been promoted to executive director of another non-profit organization, the Cincinnati Business Incubator (CBI), when she realized that she needed to earn a degree to be most effective in her new job.  She previously attended a large university, but when she began to struggle in class, she was told that college might not be the right choice for her.  “It was just too much for me,” she recalled. “They weren’t…sensitive to students’ needs,” said Tracey.  “I was told that probably this wasn’t for me.  So, I left.”

Tracey enrolled at American National University, located just minutes from her home, and found everything that she needed to succeed. “The evening classes, the small classes, the attention that the professors gave me, the instructors with their real life experience that they brought to the classroom—it was awesome. I certainly enjoyed it,” said Tracey.  “I went to National and I’ve been an honor roll student ever since.”
After earning her associate’s degree in business administration-management at National, Tracey’s confidence soared, and she transferred to Tiffin University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in two years thanks to her National degree.  “Without National, I wouldn’t have been able to springboard to my bachelor’s degree program. National gave me the foundation that I needed to excel in the classroom,” she explained.  “It was my launch pad because my feet were on the ground, but I couldn’t go anywhere…National gave me the academic understanding that I needed to get further.   National paved the way.”
In her work at GCMI, Tracey is inspired by the  business leaders of tomorrow as she works with them to help them reach their goals, just as her education at National helped her reach her own. “American National University was a game changer in my life,” she said. “I always said that I’m going to be a business woman, so I’m living the dream.”

A-Tracey Hayes, a graduate of the Cincinnati Campus, said that her degree from American National University allowed her to continue her education and further her career.

B-Graduate Tracey Hayes is pictured with Willie Hill, executive director of GCMI.

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