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National College Students Showcase Skills to Legislators

National College Students Showcase Skills to Legislators

Mar 04, 2013

On Wednesday, February 20th, students from American National University had an opportunity to showcase their skills to state legislators during Career College Day at the Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky. The third annual event, sponsored by the Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools (KACCS), featured students from career colleges from across the commonwealth who showed the diversity of career college training through demonstrations in the areas of healthcare, culinary arts, technology, massage therapy, and horseshoeing.

American National University was well represented at the event by students from the Louisville Campus in the medical assisting and information systems engineering (ISE) programs. Under the supervision of director of health care education Bonnie Kiefer, medical assisting students Brittany Stice, Stacie Riley, and Shanetta Jones conducted glucose and cholesterol screenings during the event. Veteran students Donna McMillian and Anthony Brooks, from the ISE program, were joined by ISE program director Terry Newby, as they displayed their proficiency in computer technology. Campus Director Vincent Tinebra, who serves as treasurer of the board for KACCS, also participated in the event.

State Representative Kim King, who represents Kentucky’s 55th District, visited the American National University booth and had her glucose checked. She said that she frequently reads the National News and particularly follows the articles from the Danville, Kentucky Campus which serves constituents in her area.

“I wanted to come in and encourage them,” Representative King said of her participation in the event and her support of the career college students. “I think this is a wonderful path—especially the medical care industry. I serve on the Economic Development Committee and invariably we see that that’s the direction that we’re going to need a lot of additional workforce in,” she added.

State Representative Diane St. Onge, District 63, who also attended the event, said that she was proud of the students who were there representing their schools because many of them have families to care for and work full-time while earning their degrees. “I’m very much for the education and the opportunities that the schools do afford the students,” she explained of her support of career education. “I am a very big supporter of that. All of the skills that you’re demonstrating here today are admirable and are being taught very well.”

Medical assisting student Stacie Riley said that she was honored to represent American National University at the event and that she’d found all of the legislators to be very friendly. “They were very willing and ready to learn and to assist us with learning,” she said as she continues to build skills to become a valuable member of her community’s workforce.

In the top photo, medical assisting students Stacie Riley, Brittany Stice, and Shanetta Jones (left to right) are pictured at Career College Day at the Captiol with campus director Vincent Tinebra and director of health care education Bonnie Kiefer (far right).

ISE students Anthony Brooks and Donna McMillian and ISE program director Terry Newby (left to right) are pictured as they demonstrated their skills in computer technology during Career College Day at the Capitol.

Medical assisting student Shanetta Jones is pictured in the bottom photo testing the glucose level of State Representative Kim King from District 55 during Career College Day at the Captiol.

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