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National College Staff Recognized for Outstanding Contributions

Jul 15, 2015

Congratulations to Nashville Campus business department chair Glenn Hunter for being chosen as an Educator of Distinction, at the 2015 Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (TAICS) annual conference. “Every day I want to deliver the best educational experience for our students to take into the business world,” he commented. “To me, the award means that my students are being prepared to have better professional futures.”    

Glenn has been a general education and business instructor for the Nashville and Madison campuses since 2006 and has served as the business department chair at the Nashville Campus since 2014. During his time at ANU, Glenn developed a business club for the business and accounting students.

He was also a breakout session presenter at the TAICS conference. His session entitled, “Pick Me! – Student Engagement to Maximize Participation,” was well-attended, and several participants commented how useful and relevant the topic was for helping motivate students to strive for academic excellence. 

Two additional faculty members from the Memphis and Bartlett campuses of National College were also named 2015 Educators of Distinction: director of health science education Morris Butcher (Memphis) and director of health care education Yolanda Davis (Bartlett).

"This award is an honor, and I wish to thank everyone who nominated me. I am proud to be part of the National College family.”

"Thanks so very much to TAICS for selecting me as the recipient of the 2015 Educators of Distinction Award; I am both humbled and honored to have been chosen,” Yolanda said of receiving the recognition. “I am grateful to those who nominated/suggested me and to those who supported the nomination. I thank my colleagues, many of whom are just as deserving, for sharing with me. I am grateful to my students who are my incentives for constantly challenging me to continually work toward enhancing my craft. Again, thank you so very much.”

Morris echoed Yolanda’s sentiment, saying, "This award is an honor, and I wish to thank everyone who nominated me. I am proud to be part of the National College family. It is an honor to teach here.”

Also during the conference, the 2015 Dr. John McCurdy Leadership Award was presented to Dr. Cyndee Moore, regional vice president of operations for National College/American National University. She oversees the operations of 16 campuses within Tennessee, Virginia, and Indiana. Cyndee started with National College in 2003 as a campus director of the Danville, Virginia Campus and was promoted to regional director of operations for Tennessee in 2007 and then to vice president in 2010.

The Dr. John McCurdy Leadership Award is presented to an individual whose visionary leadership in or with the independent educational sector has been transformative and has mobilized and unified people, institutions, or causes that improve people’s lives through career education. “Although it is always an honor to be recognized by my peers, this award is particularly meaningful to me in that it is named for and presented by Dr. John McCurdy – a man who I admire and respect tremendously on both a personal and professional basis,” said Cyndee. “I aspire to be as respected and visionary a leader in proprietary education as he has been over the last 25 years in Tennessee.” 

A- Nashville campus director Mark Liverman (left) and business department chair Glenn Hunter (right) display the Educator of Distinction award Glenn received at the annual TAICS conference.

B- Regional vice president of operations Dr. Cyndee Moore was the recipient of the 2015 Dr. John McCurdy Leadership Award.

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