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Nancy Wilcox-Difference Maker at the Lynchburg Campus

Apr 22, 2013

Nancy Wilcox at the Lynchburg Campus

Career Center Director



My experience in human resources gave me valuable experience in hiring, training, and understanding the value of the employee/employer relationship. I believe in what we do at National in providing the resources for our students and graduates to be successful. I really enjoy hosting the professional workshops that we offer to give them more confidence in the skills and qualities they have to offer to their career field. I encourage them to believe in themselves.

I appreciate our students’ determination and motivation to work hard and change their lives. We have such a diverse student population, and I have the opportunity to get to know each of them in a one-on-one professional relationship. They give me the determination and motivation to work hard for them and develop business relationships and know the employment environment for every field.


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