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Mother Knows Best

Apr 12, 2016

Charlene Hughes foresaw challenges approaching for her and her husband’s roles in the business that they own.  She began doing research regarding options for career training that would help her open a business in the future that would be less physically demanding.

As she was deciding which avenue would best suit her life goals, her son, Luke Evans, began working for the National College Knoxville Campus as an admissions representative. Together, Luke and Charlene looked at all the options available.

“I chose National College as the best option, because it addressed all of my needs.”

Since Charlene has several years of work experience in various industries, and has even worked with her husband in their own business, she was looking for more than a typical lecture hall environment. “I wanted very close relationships with my teachers where I could ask questions that pertained to my field of choice,” she explained.

After touring the Knoxville Campus with Luke, and seeing the small class size that National College offers, Charlene enrolled in the business administration-management diploma program.  She feels that she will be comfortable talking with her instructors in a one-on-one environment. She also appreciates that there will be time available in class to ask the instructors relevant questions and she will be given plenty of time to understand the answers.

Charlene feels National offers everything she needs to better her own life and the lives of her family.  “I chose National College as the best option, because it addressed all of my needs,” she said.

Photo A-Charlene Hughes enrolled at National College to help her transition out of the physically demanding business that she and her husband own.

Photo B-Charlene is pictured with her son, Luke Evans, an admissions representative at the Knoxville Campus.

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