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Mock Exercise Provides Real-World Experience

Apr 15, 2013

At the Louisville Campus, students in medical programs took part in a unique activity to demonstrate what they have learned. The activity began with students researching the diagnosis and treatment for various illnesses and documenting possible scenarios that might take place in a medical office setting.

For the next part of the activity, a simulated office environment was created in the campus’s classrooms including a reception area, treatment rooms, and pharmacy stations. Student participants enacted the scenarios they had previously created, playing the roles of medical staff and patients. Students demonstrated skills in many areas including triage, exam, patient education, and billing and coding for the “services” performed. Several medical programs participated, and faculty, staff, and non-medical students took part by portraying patients.

LaMuria Franklin, a student in the pharmacy technician program who will graduate next year, was glad to have been able to participate. “With us being in our first term, it gives us really good hands-on experience,” she explained.

Kelly Brown, a medical assisting student, portrayed a patient and said it was a fun learning assignment. She explained that she learned the significance of the billing and coding procedure.

Bonnie Kiefer, the campus’s director of health care education, was pleased with how well the students appeared to be learning during the activity and explained that she plans to do it once per term for future students.

Pictured (l to r) are students April Harrison and LaMuria Franklin as they “work” in the mock pharmacy area.

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