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Medical Graduates Share Work Experiences with Students

Feb 25, 2013

At the Louisville Campus, director of health care education Bonnie Kiefer hosted a panel discussion of medical department graduates.Students from various medical classes attended, as the panelists shared information in a question and answer format.

Among the topics discussed was the importance of professionalism. Patrice Bowman, who graduated in 2011, told students about her work as a registered medical assistant (RMA) for JenCare Medical Neighborhood Center. Patrice told the group that appearance - including hair styles, clothing and shoes - is important to employers. She shared that she had to cut her hair to conform to her current employer’s expectations. She said that medical assistants are the doctors’ “right-hand man.”

Necole Arnold, RMA, who is employed by American Urgent Care, discussed the variety of tasks she performs. She also talked about the value of certification, stating that employers want their employees to be certified. Necole helped fund her education through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program which provides funding for those who are unemployed or underemployed. She graduated from American National University in August, 2012.

Also participating on the panel was Jacqualine Calhoun, RMA. She completed her externship in November, 2012, and is currently employed at Wall Street Medical Group in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Pictured are graduates and panel members (l to r) Patrice Bowman, Necole Arnold, and Jacqualine Calhoun.

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