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Medical Graduates Celebrate Success

Sep 17, 2013

On Friday, September 6th the Louisville Campus held a celebration for students who completed their programs during the summer term.  During the ceremony, staff, faculty, family, and friends gathered to recognize the achievements of the graduates and to wish them well as they entered into their new careers.

Medical billing and coding graduates Jennifer Caddell and Latasha Harrison, who have both been hired by Kumar Eye Institute following externships with the practice, were among the medical students who participated in a pinning ceremony that was held as part of the event.  They received their pins proudly, knowing that their commitment to their program has already enabled them to find a secure job in the healthcare field.

Jennifer, who graduated from her program in July and returned to campus to participate in the pinning ceremony, is working as lead biller for the practice.  She explained that she enrolled at American National University because she found that there was a high demand for skilled health care professionals when she moved to Kentucky from California. “[I] used to [work in] small, meaningless jobs,” she said.  “I’m very proud of myself.”

Latasha, who just completed her program and externship, has been hired as a biller.  She said that she is excited about her new career and that she wanted to thank instructors Judy McDonogh and Bonnie Kiefer for the support and assistance that they gave her throughout her program.  “They helped me very much,” she said.

Medical billing and coding graduates Jennifer Caddell (left) and Latasha Harrison is shown with instructor Judy McDonogh (right) during the medical pinning ceremony at the Louisville Campus.


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