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Medical Assisting Graduate Provides Care to the Elderly in Her New Career

Dec 18, 2012

Amanda Gracie has turned her passion for caring for the elderly into a career. She earned her associate’s degree from the Louisville Campus and she’s now working as a registered medical assistant for JenCare Neighborhood Medical Center, a clinic specializing in one-stop care for seniors.

Amanda found that her medical assisting program at American National University prepared her well for her new career. She was required to take a skills test during the hiring process at JenCare and she passed the test with ease. “Everyone here was amazing,” she said of her instructors. “Being in the small classes, I always had their undivided attention anytime I needed help with something or didn’t understand something.”

She also found that her externship, which is a requirement of the medical assisting program, offered valuable experience in the field. She worked hard during the externship and the practice gave her a glowing recommendation when she applied at JenCare.

At JenCare, which operates clinics in Kentucky, Louisiana and Virginia, Amanda has the opportunity to work with a variety of specialists including a podiatrist, ophthalmologist, dentist, and acupuncturist. “It’s awesome. I have a rewarding career—something that I have always wanted to do,” said Amanda who hopes to move up in her career with JenCare as the company continues to grow.

Amanda Gracie (pictured) loves that she is able to work with a variety of specialists in her new job.

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