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Loreatha Stanback – Director of Health Care Education – Cincinnati Campus

Mar 17, 2015


Loreatha Stanback – Difference Maker at the Cincinnati Campus


Director of health care education

Instructor of medical assisting courses


American National University faculty member since 2013


Has five years of experience working as a medical assistant and more than ten years of experience as an educator

Holds an associate degree in medical assisting, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health care management, and a master’s degree in project management


“The information that I have learned as a medical assistant gives me the opportunity to pay it forward because someone took the time to teach me and to show they cared, and now I can do the same.

“My students know they are able to come to me for the assistance needed for their understanding, but they are here to learn and I challenge them to look for the answer to any question first because I feel giving the answer to the question is an easy way out and they may then only remember the answer long enough to pass a test.

“My favorite moments are when I see my students graduate and become the successful adults I know they can be.

“The best thing about being a American National University faculty member is knowing I have the ability to make a change in a student’s life that maybe no one else can, and that is the gift of knowledge.”

Director of health care education Loreatha Stanback is a Difference Maker at the Cincinnati Campus.

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