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Local Area Business Leaders Assist with Mock Interviews and Résumé Reviews

Dec 16, 2013

On Thursday, November 14th, two local business leaders volunteered at the Lynchburg Campus to review student résumés and perform mock interviews.  The event was an open forum and was done on a first-come, first-served basis.  Each student was able to spend about 30 minutes with one or both of the interviewers.  The leaders gave students invaluable advice along with powerful suggestions on how to advance in their careers. 

Tammy Pennix, a business administration student, was very excited that she had the opportunity to speak with Bianca Allison of the Bank of the James.  Tammy felt that Ms. Allison’s constructive feedback was very insightful and useful.  Tammy walked away with a list of items to work on such as learning to channel her energies for a long term goal, and to stay focused in order to achieve her five year plan.  “Bianca was very knowledgeable,” said Tammy.  “I was very intrigued by her knowledge and happy to have this opportunity to speak with a business professional.  I encourage all business students to participate in any free consultations ANU offers; especially when Ms.  Bianca is involved.”

Accounting student Stephany Davis interviewed with Hannah Watson of Adams and Garth Staffing. Hannah spoke to Stephany about being confident in her abilities.  She also suggested that she capture everything possible on her résumé so the interviewer can see her abilities and skills.  Stephany said, “Hannah was very helpful to me.  She gave me tips on how to sell myself in an interview.  I have a whole list of suggestions I will start working on.”

A-Bianca Allison (l) with the Bank of the James and business administration student Tammy Pennix (r).

B-Student Stephany Davis (l)  with Hannah Watson of Adams & Garth Staffing (r).

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