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Leaving a Legacy

Dec 30, 2013

Heather Gross was going from job to job working as a bartender when her friend, Stephanie Allen, a graduate of the Dayton Area Campus, encouraged her to visit American National University to get the training that she needed for a more stable career.

“She was telling me about the class sizes here, and about how the instructors care about their students and about their success, so it just sounded like the perfect school for me,” recalled Heather, who enrolled in the medical assisting program a short time later.

After attending class for several weeks, Heather is enjoying her program at National.  “Everybody is just so nice, not like other schools where you feel all tense and shy,” said Heather.  “All in all, it’s a perfect school—the whole package.  I just love it. I never thought that I’d say that I loved going to school again, but I do.”

Heather is looking forward to working in the field of health care, and she said that her friend Stephanie is glad that she took her advice and came to National. “She tells me every day, ‘I’m so proud of you,’” she said with a smile.

Student Heather Gross (pictured) was referred to the Dayton Area Campus by graduate Stephanie Allen.

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