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Indiana Scholars from Big Brothers-Big Sisters Experience Secondary Education at National

Feb 10, 2012

The Fort Wayne Campus recently hosted 15 Indiana 21st-Century Scholars from Big Brothers-Big Sisters on January 18th. The Scholars were exploring their career education options and were excited by the tour of the campus, seeing first-hand the classrooms, labs, and students that make up the campus. The Scholars were also provided a presentation by Community Resource Coordinator Megan Ford highlighting National’s many features and benefits as well as the available career training programs at the campus. Traditionally working with youth aged 7-18, the Indiana Big Brothers-Big Sisters group is in their first year of a new pilot program working with students transitioning from high school to college.

In order to be an Indiana 21st Century Scholar, 8th-grade students must sign a contract to remain drug and alcohol free, as well as maintain a high grade point average during high school. The 15 visiting scholars had initially entered the same high school but, due to budget cuts, the high school was closed and the attending students were relocated to surrounding schools.