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Health Information Management Student Employed in Field-Before She Graduates

Jul 15, 2013

Jennifer Frey, a student in the health information management program (HIM), at the Fort Wayne Campus has a lot to smile about these days.  Jennifer will graduate this summer with her associate’s degree in HIM and she has already accepted a job in her field of study.  She will start working for Saint Joseph Hospital in July as a Chart Processing Technician.  Saint Joseph Hospital is affiliated with the Lutheran Health Network in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
When asked why she chose American National University, Jennifer replied, “I was looking for a school and had actually looked at other schools.  I liked the short terms, the fact that I could finish my degree in 2 years, and that National would work with my schedule.”
When Jennifer was asked how her classes prepared her for the position as a chart processing technician she said, “The classes provided me with everything I needed to know for the job.  National has supportive instructors.  If it wasn’t for the instructors, I would not have been qualified [and] would not have applied for the job.”  Jennifer also feels the college supported her and prepared her in other areas:  “I was helped with the interview process and follow-up.  I had assistance with updating my resume and was coached on handling a team interview.”
Jennifer added: “I am qualified to have a job in the field I went to school for.”

Jennifer Frey (pictured) has already accepted a job in her field of study.

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