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Health Fair at the Fort Wayne Campus

Jul 22, 2013

On Thursday, June 13th the Fort Wayne Campus held a health fair for its student body, staff, and faculty members. Ten exhibitors were on hand to talk with students about a variety of health-related topics.  Attending vendors included: Fort Wayne Radiology, the Neighborhood Health Clinic, the American Red Cross, Family Life Care, Brightstar Care, Basche Martial Arts, the Fort Wayne Fire Department, and Three Rivers Ambulance Authority EMS. 

Students were given the opportunity to visit with vendors and engage in interactive activities including scanning for bone density, measuring glucose, checking blood pressure, and touring the Three Rivers Ambulance Authority EMS.  The tour of the EMS vehicle and fire truck was an eye-opening experience for many students.

The health fair had its entertaining elements as well.  At his martial arts booth Sensei Basche encouraged students and staff members to try to break a board with the side of their hands.  Many students and staff members participated and with Sensei’s guidance, learned they could successfully break a board with minimal instruction.

In addition to this event offering valuable information and interactive activities, the health fair presented an opportunity for students to network with area businesses regarding employment and volunteer opportunities.

Student Carla Delagrange enjoyed the health fair.  She said, “The Neighborhood Health Clinic and all the vendors gave us good information about the resources they had available.  They also gave us great information about what they are looking for in employees.”

Martial arts instructor Sensei Basche’s talks with students of the Fort Wayne Campus during the health fair.