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HR Professional Offers Tips and Encourages Students as they Prepare to Enter the Workforce

Apr 02, 2013

On Friday, March 15th, Ms. Shaun Spencer of Trimen Solutions, LLC visited the Louisville Campus and spoke to students about finding success in their new careers. Trimen Solutions is a human resources firm that works with small businesses.

Ms. Spencer talked about professionalism, teamwork, and customer service. “Professionalism…should start from the time you apply for a position all the way through.” She also stressed the importance of wearing professional attire and showing up on time when interviewing for a position.
Regarding the workplace, Ms. Spencer explained that customers may be unreasonable, aggressive, and/ or rude. Although customers may present a challenge at times, she urged students to maintain their composure and professionalism. “You cannot let customers get to you.”

Ms. Spencer’s presentation concluded with a question and answer session, which generated enthusiastic participation. Regardless of their field of study, the students gained valuable insight about employers’ expectations, which will be useful as they prepare for their future careers.

Guest Shaun Spencer of Trimen Solutions, LLC is pictured (seated) talking to students at the Louisville Campus about preparing for their job search.

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