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Graduate Is Promoted and Pursues Higher Calling

Jan 14, 2014

When Ben Horgan came to the Florence Campus in 2002, he wanted to earn a degree in business administration-management to help him advance in his career with the City of Florence.  While he is proud that he has achieved that goal, earning several promotions which have brought him to his current position as project administrator for the city, he also found that his education at American National University allowed him to pursue a higher calling, as he earned his bachelor’s degree in religion and church ministries at Liberty University. 

“I was able to use American National University as a foundation, and I was able to carry that over to Liberty.  I’m very fortunate to have been able to do that,” said Ben who was able to transfer many of his credits from his program at National to help him complete his degree at Liberty.

He first visited National at the recommendation of his co-workers, Eric Hall and Josh Hunt, who are also graduates of National.  He found it to be a good fit because the flexible class schedule allowed him to continue to work full-time while going to school.

Ben struggled with his grades in high school, but at National he found that the staff and instructors were attentive to his needs, which helped him excel in his classes. “It wasn’t that you were just there to give American National University your tuition. They genuinely cared about who you were as a person and how they were going to help you achieve the goals that you had for your future.”

He also felt that is was very beneficial that his instructors were professionals from the field.  “The teachers were excellent. When they taught, it wasn’t just opening up a textbook,’ said Ben.  “It was saying, I’ve encountered this… here’s some ways that I’ve done it.  And you could see it in real-world circumstances, and that made it easier to apply, and easier to understand.”

Ben is still applying much of the knowledge that he gained in his classes at National to his work today as he creates budgets and manages the crews who work on the water and transportation projects that he oversees for the city.

He has also been accepted into the master’s program at Liberty Theological Seminary and plans to continue his education in the area of religious studies.  Whether striving toward his goal of pastoring a church, or growing in his career with city, he feels that everything happens for a reason, and one of the reasons that he was led to attend American National University is clear. “American National University taught me to not be afraid of challenging yourself,” said Ben.

Florence graduate Ben Horgan is employed as project administrator for the City of Florence.

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