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Graduate Impresses Physician and Is Hired For a New Medical Office

Graduate Impresses Physician and Is Hired For a New Medical Office

Sep 10, 2013

Chrissy Bowles, a graduate of the Danville Campus (Kentucky), was recently hired by Dr. Ronald Bibb, Jr. to work as a registered medical assistant at REBOS Recovery Center.  “She’s a one-man band,” said Dr. Bibb as he described the large variety of tasks that Chrissy performs in her work as an RMA.  She is currently his only full-time employee, and Dr. Bibb said that she’s always prepared to help in any way that’s needed in the office, from answering the phones and scheduling patients, to taking vitals and preparing his patients to meet with him.

When Dr. Bibb began his search for his first employee for the new office, he was impressed with Chrissy’s résumé, which she created while working with her campus career center director.   He also liked her eager response to his request for an interview.  “I think she was physically there… about 10 or 12 minutes later,” he recalled with a smile.

Dr. Bibb was familiar with the practice where Chrissy performed her externship during her program, and he felt that she’d gained great experience working there with an “excellent” group of physicians.  “If she can work there, she can work anywhere,” he explained.

While Chrissy’s credentials as an RMA were important to Dr. Bibb, her caring personality, which allows her to interact well with his patients, is equally vital to the success of the practice.

Chrissy loves everything about working at REBOS Recovery Center and she feels that the staff and faculty at American National University helped make her dream of working in the medical field a reality. “They were there to help you.  They weren’t there to say ‘You’re on your own.’  They were there to make sure that you succeeded in what you wanted,” she said.  “I’m a single mom of two kids.  Going to school and working full time-- it was hard.  But I made sure that I achieved the goal that I’d been going after for two years.”

A) Graduate Chrissy Bowles of the Danville Campus (Kentucky)
(B) Chrissy Bowles was hired by Dr. Ronald Bibb, Jr., to work as a registered medical assistant (RMA).


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