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Graduate Has Many Opportunities for Advancement with Degree

Sep 24, 2012

Elisheba Sarver was working as an assistant manager of a Rally’s Restaurant when she realized her career had stalled. “I saw myself going down a dead-end,” she explained. “The only way that I could move up in my job was to further my education and get a degree.” So she enrolled in the business administration – management degree program at the Louisville Campus and earned her associate’s degree in two years. As a result of her new degree, she was recently promoted to General Manager.

“I’d heard good things about National,” recalled Elisheba who found flexible class schedules at National that accommodated her fluctuating work schedule. She also liked the personal attention that she received from her instructors and she found her accounting classes to be particularly helpful because she was able to apply the principles that she learned in class to her job.

Brian Bratcher-Weis, district manager for Rally’s, said that he’s seen Elisheba’s management skills improve during her program at National. “She became stronger with numbers,” he said of her new skills. “She’s recognizing problems and [knows] how to fix them. She just became a stronger leader.”

Elisheba has received several pay raises since her promotion to general manager and she recently won a trip to Rally’s national conference in Las Vegas when her store was ranked #1 in the country in a sales competition. “There’s no limit for her...she’s accomplished everything she wants,” said Brian who added that there are many opportunities available for Elisheba to advance in her career with Rally’s.

Elisheba has returned to National to earn her bachelor’s degree through a mix of on-line and on campus classes. “I didn’t know my potential until I came to National and pushed myself. This was the first real commitment that I’ve made to further my career in business. It’s been empowering,” said Elisheba who also wants to set a good example for her three sons.

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