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Graduate Found National and the Medical Assisting Field to be a Perfect Fit

Graduate Found National and the Medical Assisting Field to be a Perfect Fit

Jan 06, 2014

Lindsey Hall completed her medical assisting program at the Lexington Campus in July, and after working at Baptist Internal Medicine and Endocrinology for a little over six months, she has found medical assistants are more vital to the health care field then she ever imagined.  “It’s very fast paced.  I have a lot of responsibility,” she said of her job.

Whether drawing blood, giving injections, rooming patients, updating medical records using Allscripts Electronic Health Records, or coordinating medication refills, Lindsey’s main focus is providing the best care possible for her patients.  “I love interacting with the patients…feeling like I’m making a difference in their diagnosis,” she said.  “Whenever I see I’m making a patient comfortable and relaxed, it makes it all worth it.”

Lindsey has always dreamed of a career in the medical field.  Before coming to National, she enrolled in a nursing program at a large community college, but she didn’t find it to be a good fit for her.  “I just felt like I was lost--I was just a number,” she recalled.

After being a stay-at-home mom, and later working in a daycare, she decided that minimum wage jobs were not going to suffice to support her family, and she found American National University through an internet search for medical programs in her area.  “I saw that it was local, and it was small, and it sounded like something that would be really good for me,” said Lindsey.

At National, she loved that the campus was all contained in one building, where she found everything that she needed from the library to the medical labs.  She also enjoyed the close bond she had with her fellow students in the small classes, and the hands-on learning experience that her classes provided.  “All of the professors knew me by my first name and not just by a number.  That was really my favorite part,” added Lindsey.

Working as a federal work study in the career center at National was also an important part of Lindsey’s preparation for her new career, as she increased her clerical skills and practiced her telephone etiquette.   “That really molded me, professionally.   It gave me confidence to talk to patients and doctors, and anyone I needed to talk to over the phone,” Lindsey explained. 

Her work in the career center also inspired her, as she watched career center director Cheryl Howell assist graduates in finding employment working in their field of study.  “Cheryl absolutely loves her job, and she’s very good at what she does, so it was very rewarding for me to see a graduate find a job in their field, and I felt like I was a part of that,” Lindsey said of the experience.

Lindsey’s own job search went smoothly after she conducted an externship with Baptist Family Medicine, and passed the certification test to become a registered medical assistant. “I was hired here two weeks before I graduated, so I am very blessed,” she said proudly. 

As she and her husband look forward to the birth of their third child later this year, Lindsey feels that her education has helped insure a bright future for her and her family.  “American National University really is the best thing that I could have ever done for myself.  I found the perfect school for me, and the perfect field.  I’m very happy.”

(A) Registered medical assistant Lindsey Hall enjoys making a difference in her patients' lives in her work as a registered medical assistant. 

(B) Lindsey Hall has found that her work as a registered medical assistant is vital to the medical practice where she is employed. 


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