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Graduate Becomes Owner of Bookkeeping and Tax Service

Oct 21, 2013

Rachel Blomberg, owner of 2 B’s & T Bookkeeping and Tax, was satisfied and growing in her career as an accountant when her boss, Darren Mills, made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse.

Rachel, a veteran of the U.S. Army, began working as an accountant at Freedom Bookkeeping and Tax five years ago, shortly before she completed her associate’s degree programs in accounting and computer applications at the Louisville Campus. Mr. Mills decided to sell the business and he felt Rachel was the perfect candidate to take it over, so he offered her the opportunity to purchase it.  “He changed his vision [for his career in accounting] and my vision continued to grow, so…2 B’s & T Bookkeeping and Tax was born,” recalled Rachel.  “Between him and my education, I can now run my own business.”

Rachel was somewhat taken aback when she first learned of Mr. Mill’s decision to sell the business, but once she made up her mind to purchase it, she was excited to take the next step in her career.  “Nobody else is going to hand me a company that’s this well established. We had over 300 clients at the time, so I thought it was the best opportunity to buy him out, and I’m glad that I did,” she said.

Now that she’s running the business, Rachel, who was featured earlier in her career in the January 13, 2012 issue of the National News, is relying more than ever on the knowledge gained in her business classes at National. “I am grateful that I did get my education, and that I did get it at American National University. It was small, it was local, and you could learn,” said Rachel. “The teachers there, they knew what they were talking about.  They’ve been there, they’ve done that, and now they’re helping other students to be there and do that.”

Although she still has plenty to learn about being a small business owner, Rachel feels up to the challenge.  She plans to continue her education and earn her bachelor’s degree through American National University Online. “It’s an exciting time right now in my life,” commented Rachel. “I’m going to be 48 this year and I own my own accounting, bookkeeping, and tax business.  That’s pretty awesome.”

Graduate Rachel Blomberg is the proud owner of an accounting, bookkeeping, and tax business. 

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