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Future Medical Assistants Tour Medical Office

Dec 16, 2013

On Monday, November 11th, students in the Non-Invasive Clinical Procedures class at the Danville, Kentucky Campus joined director of health care education Stephanie Slone on a field trip to visit the Danville Medical Specialists-Kentucky One Health office.  Students were able to see firsthand what it’s like to work in clinical and administrative settings. Students also toured patient rooms and the office area.  Four American National University graduates are employed there.

“When taking a visit to the Kentucky One office, I was allowed to see how my skills will be used in the work force,” said medical assisting student Mackenzie Shearer, who explained that the students were able to watch the process of paper charts being entered into the computer system.  “We also got to meet some of the nice staff, and see the clean and pleasant atmosphere that they get to work in,” said Mackenzie.  “It was all around a nice experience just to get to see where you could possibly end up after you complete your education, not to mention the possible ways you can improve your skills.”

“It was nice to see one of our former students, Clarissa Hill-Powers, working there,” said student Danielle Ange. “Plus, our teacher, Matt Adams, who is the office manager, conducted the tour.”

Students of the Non-Invasive Clinical Procedures class of the Danville, Kentucky Campus who recently visited the Danville Medical Specialists-Kentucky One Health office.

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