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Employers Offer Advice on Making a Good First Impression at a Job Fair

Feb 12, 2013

On Tuesday, January 29th, the Louisville Campus Career Center hosted its first job fair of the year with a wide variety of participating employers that had openings in management, banking, healthcare, customer service, and more. American National University students and graduates were encouraged to attend so they could establish networking connections in their career fields. Members of the community were invited to attend as well.

Skye Verdon, who works in staffing and development for Jen Care Neighborhood Medical Centers, conducted on-site interviews and skills assessments during the job fair. She said that she looks for a big smile and good eye contact when she meets a job candidate. “I want someone who is confident in their skills, someone who’s excited to join the team,” said Ms. Verdon.

Pharmacist Gina Guarino, with Kroger Pharmacy, was at the career fair seeking candidates for pharmacy technician openings. She said that it is important to wear professional attire when participating in a job fair. “How they’re dressed makes a big first impression,” said Ms. Guarino regarding the job fair attendees.

Kenithia Rorer with US Bank, who is also a student in the campus’s business administration-management program, advised students to show their personality and ability to interact well with others during an interview. “When it comes to customer service, it’s about being a people person,” she advised.

No matter what industry the human resources representatives were from, they all agreed that a career fair can serve as a great opportunity for job seekers to make a good first impression on an employer, which could ultimately lead to a job offer.

Skye Verdon and Julie Hoffman (seated left to right), with JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers, is pictured in the top photo talking with a career fair participant about job openings. Gina Guarino (right) with Kroger Pharmacy, is pictured in the bottom photo talking with a career fair participant about pharmacy technician openings with her company.

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