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Education Leads to Promotion at Work

Jan 14, 2014

Parkersburg Campus graduate Lori Richards defines what it means to succeed thanks to her education at American National University.  Lori just received her Associate of Science in Medical Assisting and will be sitting for her certification soon.  Enrolling in school for her degree is what led to her being promoted at work and the path to a new career.

Lori was working in the housekeeping department at Camden Clark Medical Center.  She had always wanted to get a better job and knew she wanted to work in the medical field after her experience there.  Her sister, Tina Bruner, received her medical coding and billing diploma in 2012 and will be receiving her Associate of Science Degree in Health Information Management at the end of this term.  She recommended American National University to Lori.

Lori was promoted to monitor technician on the telemetry floor of the hospital shortly after completing her degree.  It was her assigned floor when she was in housekeeping and the floor supervisor knew she was enrolled at ANU, and knew she was a very reliable employee.  Lori talked with him when the medical assisting position became available and he hired her on the spot.  Lori directly credits her ANU education with helping her get her new position.

Lori acknowledges that her children, ages 12 and 15, were the driving force behind her returning to school.  She wanted to set a good example for them by showing that it was extremely important to get a higher education so they can have a great career.  She also wanted to show them that it could be done no matter what.  Being a wife and mother of two children in addition to working and going to school can be stressful but Lori knew it was only temporary and would allow her to improve her future.  Her advice to anyone feeling a little overwhelmed is, “Stick with it.  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Future plans are still in the works for Lori and she may want to continue her education even further.  For the immediate future, she is going to enjoy her new career and take some time to support her children in their endeavors.  Lori is a great example to current and future ANU students that their education can help them accomplish their goals as they work their way up the career ladder.

Graduate Lori Richards was recently hired as a medical assistant by Camden Clark Medical Center in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

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