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Education Allows Student to Flourish

Dec 16, 2013

Monique Anderson said she was not on a clear career path before she found American National University. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as far as schooling and a long-term career,” she said as she described how she felt.

With an interest in the pharmacy field, Monique learned about the Stark County Campus’s pharmacy technician associate’s degree program.  “After looking into a few schools, I felt National was the best choice for me,” Monique explained.  “The class sizes and scheduling were perfect.”

On track to finish her program next February, Monique is currently working as an extern for Marc’s Pharmacy.  She said, “It's been such an amazing experience to learn how a community pharmacy is run.”

In addition to her externship, Monique was also hired as a pharmacy technician for Rite Aid Pharmacy. Working at both locations before graduation is allowing Monique to practice what she is learning in the classroom.  “I do a little bit of everything,” she explained.   She enters prescriptions, pulls and counts out medications, and mixes the liquid medications.  Monique said, “It's so interesting; there is never a boring day when I'm at work.”

She credits American National University for her new skills – specifically Dr. Kevin Chakos, the campus’s department chair for the pharmacy technician program.  “Dr. Chakos has always pushed me very hard and it's paid off and will continue to for the years to come,” said Monique.  “The pharmacists I work with are always pleasantly surprised by how much I know!”  She is grateful that she is now happy with where she is in life.

Student Monique Anderson is a pharmacy technician for Rite Aid Pharmacy in Canton. 

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