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Dora Patrick-Difference Maker at the Danville, KY Campus

May 13, 2013

Dora Patrick at the Danville, Kentucky Campus was selected as a American National University Difference Maker

Instructor in the pharmacy technician program



I knew teaching was something that would be a truly wonderful opportunity- to help others reach their educational goals like I was able to do [at National].

I have been with Walgreens Pharmacy for about 5 years; I have loved being with them. They have been so gracious in helping me out to ensure I have the time off to teach my students, and they have even allowed several of my students the opportunity to do their externships with them; they even hired a student after she completed her externship.

I challenge my students all the time. Our dosage calculations are not easy, and students are not exposed enough during the regular class time, so instruction time is not always in the classroom. My students actually have to get out in the community and explore their local pharmacy by interviewing the pharmacist and pharmacy technician and seeing the diversity of products. I always come up with ways to help them learn and incorporate that knowledge into what it’s really like to be working as a pharmacy technician.


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