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Difference Maker - Director of Student Services - Mandy Riley

Jan 14, 2014

Mandy Riley—Difference Maker at the Dayton Area Campus

Director of Student Services

• American National University staff member since 2010
• Obtained eight years of bookkeeping experience

Holds an associate’s degree in accounting and computer applications from American National University

“Once I had my degree, I started browsing for accounting related jobs and came across American National University looking for a financial aid representative.  I thought what better way to give back to the students than the knowledge I had obtained while attending as a student myself.  I can relate to students on a personal level.  I want students to see that there are more people out there just like them that have succeeded.

“I educate the students on their academics and financials.  I’m always honest with them about their questions, even if it’s not the answer they want to hear, but we always work through it.  I always make time for any student when they have questions or concerns.

“I admire how American National University students strive to meet their own goals and achievements.  I have been given the privilege for the past three years to participate in graduation with handing out awards and diplomas.  It’s a great feeling knowing I have helped each student achieve their goal of becoming a better person and knowing that I have helped make a difference in their future as American National University did for me.”

Graduate Mandy Riley has been the director of student services at the Dayton Area Campus since 2010.

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