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Difference Maker - Administrative Assistant - Kelly Oehmke

Jan 20, 2014


Kelly Oehmke at the Charlottesville Campus


Administrative Assistant


ANU staff member since 2013



“I try to extend myself to meet the needs of the students whenever possible. I greatly appreciate when an unexpected person goes far out of their way in order to impact my life in a small and positive way, and I strive to do the same for our students.

“I appreciate all the diverse paths of life that each student comes from. Many of the students that attend ANU are balancing commitments that require a lot of time, ranging from financial responsibilities to raising a family. Also, most of the students live in surrounding counties and travel a while in order to meet the demands of completing higher education and fulfill their commitment.

“By far the most rewarding part of my job is being able to learn from the staff and faculty every single day. We have a stellar and cooperative team. Each member of the faculty is extremely educated and enriched with life experiences that reveal success and adventure. They offer unique and intellectual insight that can be implemented into any life scenario. I feel extremely privileged to be working side by side with these individuals.”

Kelly Oehmke is an administrative assistant and Difference Maker at the Charlottesville Campus.



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