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Difference Maker - Nolyn Johnson - IT Director

Aug 27, 2013


Nolyn Johnson—Difference Maker at the Bartlett Campus









“My career has always been a catalyst to help prepare students for more than just understanding technology, but how it applies in the business community. I teach soft skills along with information technology so the students can learn to build themselves as a quality brand that will translate into a promising career.”

“Some of my greatest teaching moments come when the student finally understands what has been taught for a period of time and they are able to communicate with me on a technical level as a professional. When a student works hard and passes an IT certification, it brings my heart joy to witness the accomplishment.

“I have been fortunate to take a student from a farming background that had never turned on a computer or sent an email, to a professional that offers technology solutions to clients. It is an amazing transformation. Being part of the National College faculty has allowed me to mold students into IT professionals who have a plan and path for their future.

Nolyn Johnson is a Difference Maker at the Bartlett Campus.

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