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Difference Maker - Mary Hake - Business and Computer Class Instructor

Sep 17, 2013

Mary Hake—Difference Maker at the Youngstown Campus

Instructor of business and computer courses

American National University faculty member since 2012; previously worked in student services

• Holds an associate degree in management information systems and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Thiel College; and an MBA from Youngstown State University
• Previously worked as a PC specialist and a lab operations and student employment supervisor at a local college

Since most of the classes I teach are on the computer, there are a lot of hands-on activities. When the students ask a question, I don’t give them the answer, but make them think about where it is that they should look for it. At first they get frustrated when I ask a question instead of give the answer, but after they figure it out on their own, they are more likely to remember the answer the next time.  After they realize what it is that I am doing, they understand my reasoning and appreciate it.
One of my greatest rewards as an instructor is as each term ends, seeing the students turn in their final with a smile and a thank you, knowing that they learned something. They are usually scared coming into the class and are appreciative of the help at the end.
The best thing about being part of the American National University faculty is being able to teach those that want to learn. Most are here to better themselves and want to know all that they can. To be able to help them get that information is great.


Mary Hake is a Difference Maker at the Youngstown Campus

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