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Difference Maker - M.J. Williams - Director of Health Care Education

Dec 30, 2013


M.J. Williams—Difference Maker at the Roanoke Valley Campus


Director of Health Care Education


• National College faculty member since 2002
• Has been in the health care field for more than 35 years


• Received LPN from Community Hospital School of Practical Nursing and received RN from Wytheville Community College; is also a registered medical assistant
• Gained nursing experience in a variety of settings, including surgical, psychiatric, and geriatric areas
• Currently assisting with a clinical cardiac trial for a local health care facility


“I appreciate how ANU students inspire me to keep learning and growing. To keep students engaged, you have got to be unpredictable. The day I come in here predictable, that’s when I become stagnant.
“My greatest reward as an instructor is when students pass their certifications. They just exude gratitude. I’ve also been fortunate that we’ve been able to take students to the state American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) conferences. To sit back and watch them interact with other members across the state, that has actually helped our students learn more, and even get jobs in other locations through those interactions.
“I’ve had many fine groups of students. When you look at the economic, age-group differences, and the various backgrounds-- grandmas, single moms, etc., and to bring all those dynamics into one group, where they matriculate from all these isolated situations into their own family culture within themselves. That’s happened in many groups of students I’ve taught, and I enjoy seeing that transformation.
“The best thing about being part of the ANU faculty is changing the quality of health care one student at a time.”

Difference Maker M.J. Williams (l) with student Kolin Delany (r).

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