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Difference Maker - Kathreen Buckner - Director of Heathcare Education

Oct 21, 2013


Kathreen Buckner—Difference Maker at the Florence Campus





"I started in the medical field on the advice of my mother who said if I always want a job, then I should work in the medical field or become a teacher.  I took her advice, and I have pursued both.  I have found it to be very rewarding to help others and to give back by teaching.

“I appreciate American National University students for their constant dedication to their chosen fields.  They are very serious about what it is they are trying to accomplish, and they strive every day to get to that goal.

“My best teaching moments come from students telling me I have delivered a lesson in such a way that they completely understand the material or when a student’s face lights up after earning a high grade on an assessment or certification exam.  Ultimately, my greatest reward is watching students walk across the stage at graduation with all of their family and friends cheering for them.

“The best part about being part of the American National University staff is my campus director, Amy Brown.  She has helped me develop in this position, and I am very grateful to have such an understanding leader who truly wants the best for the College.”

Director of healthcare education, Kathreen Buckner is a Difference Maker at the Florence Campus.

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