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Difference Maker - Gina Guthrie - Night Receptionist

Sep 30, 2013


Gina Guthrie—Difference Maker at the Louisville Campus



Night receptionist



American National University staff member for more than nine years



“I make a difference in students’ lives by providing a friendly face and useful information. As the receptionist, I deliver messages to teachers, escort visitors and guests, monitor classroom hours and make attendance calls; Students are comfortable asking me about bookstore and library hours or the location of a class. Sometimes they just need a friendly face to reassure them that they are capable of handling whatever challenge may lie ahead of them. Making the front desk run smoothly benefits the whole campus.

“I admire the commitment and dedication the students have toward obtaining their degrees. Sometimes students must delay their education due to illness, family, or other reasons. It is rewarding to see them come back and continue their education until they graduate.

“The biggest transformation I have seen has been how nervous the students are when they begin taking classes [compared] to how confident they are when they have completed their program of study. Many of our students have been out of school for several years and are apprehensive about going to college. They develop real self-respect and pride as they realize they have the ability to do the work. I enjoy seeing them accomplish their goals.”

Difference Maker Gina Guthrie is pictured at her desk at the Louisville Campus.

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