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Difference Maker - Administrative Assistant - Kymberlee Pearson

Oct 28, 2013


Kymberlee Pearson—Difference Maker at the Nashville Campus


Administrative assistant to campus director Gary Adcox




“I really admire the adult students who have returned to school, especially the single moms.  A lot of them are dealing with daily struggles, but they continue on to fulfill their dream for a better future for their family.

“I am very positive and genuinely care about our students, and I hope this has an impact on them.  I also treat everyone like I would want my family to be treated.  In this position, you have to care - you never know who you may be talking to that could have a major issue and just by taking the time to listen to them could make a huge difference in their life.

“I really feel that we all have a close connection [at the Nashville Campus], and I think this carries over to our students.  Hopefully, they feel like they are part of our college family.”

Kymberlee Pearson is a Difference Maker at the Nashville Campus.


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