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Columbus Campus Veterans Day Celebration

Dec 10, 2013

To commemorate Veterans Day, the Columbus Campus had a special event in which Cassandra Seward, who has served in both the United States Air Force and Air National Guard as a financial management technician and human resources officer, gave a presentation for students, staff, and faculty.  Cassandra is an adjunct faculty member at the campus.  She teaches courses in the business program.

When Cassandra was nineteen years old, she was working as a waitress, and she wanted to attend college, but she was unsure how she would pay for it.  After some contemplation and soul searching, she decided to enlist in the Air Force so she could take advantage of the education benefits.  She attended college while serving in the Air Force, earning an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree.  Cassandra was discharged from the Air Force after four years of service, but after the 9/11 terror attacks, she felt a call to return to military service, so she enlisted in the Air National Guard.  Two months after enlisting, she was working full-time.

Cassandra spoke about how her military service has helped her develop a much stronger love of the country than she had before entering the armed forces, and she illustrated this with a story about standing outside in the chilly rain for several hours in uniform while three service members who had paid the ultimate sacrifice were laid to rest.  She has a lot of reverence for the people who offer their time and effort into preserving the freedom we enjoy here in the United States.  This reverence transferred to many of the students who were present at Cassandra’s presentation as well.  “I thought it was very inspiring,” said MAA student Farnaz Yegeneh of the Veterans Day event.  Farnaz also expressed that she is thinking about entering into military service.

Adjunct instructor and Veteran, Cassandra Seward (back row-third from left), with those who listened to her personal story about her military service.