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Certified Nursing Assistant Succeeds in Reaching A Higher Goal

Dec 30, 2013

Sandra Glover had worked for 19 years as a certified nursing assistant (CNA).  She wanted a career change and decided to go back to school to further her education in the healthcare field because she had known for many years that her gift to life is being able to help others.  Sandra said that the best feeling ever is when she knows that she has helped someone. 

When she decided to go back to school, it was a little overwhelming.  She has three kids, and one has cerebral palsy, so much of her attention was needed at home.  She was also working full-time.  Her family has been a great support system to her since returning to school at the Lynchburg Campus.  Sandra said that the classes offered at ANU have been great in preparing her for her associate’s degree in medical assisting.  Sandra added that the class sizes are wonderful, because the instructors are able to offer more one on one with the students.

“My instructors have been awesome with teaching me the tools that I needed to fulfill my accomplishments in medical assisting,” said Sandra.  “I will tell anyone that if you want a career change, do not be afraid to just do it. You have got to make some sacrifices but in the end it will all pay off for you.  I am glad that my drive for a change led me to ANU and I have successfully completed my studies here.” 

Sandra was offered a job by her externship site, even before taking and successfully passing her RMA [registered medical assistant] exam.  “I want to say to all the staff at ANU, 'Thanks for all that you have done to help me succeed,'" said Sandra. “To all new students, just don't give up.  There is help on the campus whenever you need it.  It may get tough at times, but as long as you keep pushing forward and know what you want, you will succeed.”

Graduate Sandra Glover (pictured) is a registered medical assistant.

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