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Career Image Week Includes Money Management Presentation

Jan 06, 2014

Career Image Week at the Cincinnati Campus proved to be a great success.  Among the five topics presented during the week, money management was attended by many who were interested in maximizing the use of their income dollars.  Rebecca Cook, director of health information management, presented effective money management tips.  The objective was to enable a person to learn ways of living comfortably within their means.  She presented that learning effective money management begins with setting a practical goal, being mindful of how much money you have, tracking your income, and tracking your spending.  After 30 days, a person may find they actually reconsider purchases based upon need or want.  These basics of money management allow a person to take control of their money and allow them to make wise budget choices.

Rebecca Cook (center), health information management program director for the Cincinnati Campus speaks to students regarding money management.