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Campus Is a Longtime Supporter of the Local Chamber of Commerce

Dec 30, 2013

Many of our campuses are very involved in the local communities that surround our brick and mortar locations.  The Roanoke Valley Campus is one example.  The campus is situated in the City of Salem that adjoins Roanoke, Virginia.  The involvement of American National University with the local Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce is best explained by the organization’s executive director, Debbie Kavitz:

"ANU has been an active and engaged member of the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce since the early 1980’s.  Over the span of time as a chamber member, four people at the college have served as chamber presidents:  Frank Longaker [ANU President]; Mr. Roger Dalton [vice president of governmental affairs]; Lenora Downing [vice president-Virginia and West Virginia], and Lew Bishop [former campus director].  Numerous other people from the college have served on committees and chaired committees.  Ron Bradbury [campus director] has attended chamber events and joined the regional development committee.  Being new to the area, I knew that both Ron and his wife, Terri, would be excellent candidates to serve as judges for the Salem Christmas Parade on Friday, December 6th.  [They] are easy to talk with...[and because they are new to the area[, newcomers who do not have family members in the parade are just the best to assure fairness, good interest level, and a concerted effort to place awards where deserved.  That’s the hard part and the Bradburys were quick to offer up wonderful compliments of the entire parade and the City of Salem’s effort to make all the infrastructure of the event available to the community.   They were excellent judges for an excellent parade."

Ron said, “My wife and I so enjoyed the Salem Christmas parade.  Our hearts were especially warmed by the children who rode on various floats, so many of whom seemed eager to catch our eye and who appeared so thrilled when we returned their waves.”

Roanoke Valley Campus director Ron Bradbury and wife Terri served as judges for the annual Salem, Virginia Christmas Parade. 

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