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Campus Demonstrates the Importance of Volunteering

Jan 06, 2014

Volunteering can be hard, not because of the volunteer work itself, but the time one must freely give in order to do so.  If you are like most people, you are juggling work, a spouse, children, school, and extra-curricular activities, just to name a few.  So one may ask, “How can I possibly add another thing to my day, and not expect monetary payment”? Volunteerism can result in self-satisfaction, meeting interesting people, helping one to learn more about oneself and put one on the right career path, and add value to one’s résumé as employers often favor those who volunteer over those who do not.  

In order to choose an organization to volunteer for, start by making a list. Think about activities you enjoy, times you are available, talents or skills you can offer, what kinds of people you want to be working with, and what you want to learn from the experience.  Once you can answer all of these, the next step is contacting organizations that match your profile and signing up.

Recently, some of the medical students at the Lynchburg Campus chose to volunteer for the local United Way. They stuffed backpacks with food and other goodies for children to take home over the holidays.  The students freely gave their time and energy to help and hopefully added a glimpse of hope for each one of the precious children.  Often the greatest life lessons we learn are generated from charitable acts, not from a textbook, a classroom, or from an instructor. Teaching students to be well rounded individuals will be especially beneficial to them.

Medical assisting student Dominique Hilliard said, "It really shows the kids that there are other people that really care and really understand that they have a need and that they know that there's something out there that's [going to] help put a smile on their face.”

Medical students who volunteered for the Lynchburg Campus United Way backpack project are (l) to (r): Tameka Hamm, Patricia Johnson, Callie Burton, James Speake, Nina Wood, Lakeshia Morris, and Dominique Hilliard. 

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