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Campus Declares October as "Medical Department Month"

Nov 18, 2012

October was declared “Medical Department Month” at the Louisville Campus and on Monday, October 29th, a Health Fair was held to showcase projects made by students in the pharmacy technician, medical billing and coding, and medical assisting programs. The exhibits and demonstrations covered subjects such as the health detriments of the over-abundance of sugar in the American diet; the health benefits of XBOX dance and exercise programs; the growth and development of a newborn; and the effect that a single digit medical coding mistake can have on a medical insurance claim.

Latonya Lord, a student from the pharmacy technician program, presented an exhibit on sleep apnea and its negative health effects and the use of melatonin to treat the disorder. She also created an exhibit about the abuse of over-the-counter drugs. She cited ephedrine and DXM, a drug commonly found in cough syrup, as two over-the-counter drugs which, when abused, can be deadly. “Basically, all over-the-counter drugs started off as prescription medication,” explained Latonya. “Herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA so they can be really dangerous.”

Latonya Lord, a student in the pharmacy technician program, is pictured with her display on sleep apnea at the Louisville Campus health fair.

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