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Campus Career Center Assists Graduates in Starting a New Career with Unified Trust Company

Campus Career Center Assists Graduates in Starting a New Career with Unified Trust Company

Sep 17, 2013

Wendy Neff, a graduate of the business administration-management associate’s degree program at the Lexington Campus, is working as a Spanish-language customer service representative at Unified Trust Company, where she assists the company’s Spanish-speaking clients with questions that they have concerning their 401K retirement plans.

As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former leasing manager, Wendy never imagined herself working in the world of finance, until she was presented with the opportunity when Unified Trust contacted the Lexington Campus Career Center to help them find qualified applicants for the job.

Jennifer Steed, director of client services for Unified Trust, said that she had a great experience working with career center director Cheryl Howell.  “Everybody was so friendly, and made it so easy, and it worked very well.  It’s been a great process,” she said.

She feels that Wendy is a great asset to the company.  “She has such a bubbly personality.  She’s always very positive, so all of her phone calls are always upbeat,” she explained. “She always goes the extra mile to help the participants.”  Jennifer said that Wendy’s computer skills that she gained in her program at American National University have been important in her job and they allowed her to step in and go right to work utilizing the technology that is in place in the customer service department.

Wendy, whose parents are from Puerto Rico, loves her job at Unified Trust where she translates documents and talks with the company’s Spanish-speaking clients from all over the country and even the world.  “People have so many questions, and I like to help them out with that,” she said.

She has returned to the Lexington Campus to earn her bachelor’s degree to build on her knowledge of the business world and increase her leadership abilities to prepare her to move up in the company.

Jennifer continues to partner with the American National University career center to find employees for her team and she recently hired student Dallas DeArruda as an addition to the Spanish customer service department.   You will be able to read more about Dallas’s career success in an upcoming issue of the National News.

(A) Business administration-management student Wendy Neff is working as a Spanish customer service representative at Unified Trust Company.

(B)-Unified Trust Company director of client services Jennifer Steed (center) is shown with American National University students Wendy Neff (left) and Dallas DeArruda (right), whom she hired after contacting the Lexington Campus Career Center.

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