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California...Here I Come With My National College Education!

Jan 14, 2014

Orlando Guest will be graduating from the Lexington Campus in February with his associate’s degree in information systems engineering and his career goals will eventually take him to the Silicon Valley in Northern California.

Orlando’s passion for repairing and working with computers began when he was eight years old. “While everyone else was going to Conservation Camp…I was going to computer camps. My grandmother, who raised me, felt that computers were going to be a major part of our lives in the future and she bought my first computer around 1990. She also hired one of the technicians to teach me how to use it AND how to repair it. This kind act started a life-long love of computers for me…”

After his second term, Orlando had sufficient certifications to open his own business. He is now the proud owner of Central KY PC Repair.  He said, “My dream has always been to operate my own business – and to practice my career in Silicon Valley. With the help of American National University, I’m on my way. My training with American National University has taken my skill-set to another level. I will be pursuing my bachelor’s degree in the future. The cybersecurity program at National is definitely a possibility but California is calling my name!  Everyone at National has been terrific and they have provided me with the training my chosen profession demands and I’m confident I’m heading to California fully prepared!”

Student Orlando Guest already opened his own computer repair business and plans to take his skills to California.

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