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Jul 30, 2013

On Thursday, June 20th CCS-Inc. and subsidiary Qualtrax Inc. were presented with American National University’s 2013 Distinguished Community Employer award for the companies’ exceptional support of career education. Ron Bradbury and Dr. Annette Chamberlin, representatives from the Roanoke Valley Campus, traveled to CCS and Qualtrax to present the companies with a plaque in their honor.

Annette, department chair of the master of business administration degree program, reflected on the selection process:  “When choosing a winner for our Distinguished Community Employer Award for 2013, we felt that the answer was obvious. Not only have CCS and Qualtrax hired several of our alumni, but the companies have given back to the university by participating in projects with our student body as well as allowing their employees to return as adjunct professors.” Ron, campus director for the Roanoke Valley Campus, added: “American National University has found our connection with CCS and Qualtrax to be extremely valuable for both our students and the community as a whole and look forward to maintaining that relationship for years to come.”

Dr. Annette Chamberlin and Mr. Ron Bradbury of the Roanoke Valley Campus present the Distinguished Community Employer Award to employees of CCS-Inc. and Qualtrax Inc.

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