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Business Degree Helps Graduate Build His Own Business

Business Degree Helps Graduate Build His Own Business

Dec 02, 2013

Travis Myles has found a new outlook on life after earning his business administration-accounting degree at the Memphis Campus.  “With a degree, it just changes everything.  You can’t look at life the same anymore,” said Travis. “You just have to have more and to keep going.  It definitely changed me.”

No longer willing to accept the status quo, Travis is using the knowledge gained in his program at National College to take his career, working in central service for Sedgwick Claims Management Services, and his own business, Myles Professional Solutions, to the next level.

Travis attended a large university right after high school, but he couldn’t get the one-on-one help from that he needed as he vied for his instructors’ attention in classes of 150 students.  But at National, he found small classes and instructors who cared.

He considers instructor Marcus Tate, who shared his experiences working in the field of accounting, to be his mentor.  “Staying focused and staying on task—he instilled that in me,” Travis explained.

The computer skills that Travis gained in his program at National have also been vital to his professional growth.  “Computer skills mean a great deal.  A lot of people try to ignore it…but you need it,” he said, adding that he uses programs such as Microsoft Excel to keep himself organized and efficient on the job.

Thanks to his accounting program at National, Travis knows the proper procedures for bookkeeping for his business, which provides commercial janitorial services, residential and commercial carpet cleaning, and more.  His courses in management, ethics and communications have enabled him build his company’s client base and his ultimate goal is to eventually work in the business full-time.  “Over time, it’s built up where I have a consistent client base, and I’m working on new contracts daily.  There’s nothing like getting up and putting your foot in front of you, knowing that you have to make it happen,” he said.  “I have to crawl before I walk, but I definitely want the fulfillment of having my own business.”

Travis recommends that others enroll at National to get the training they need to make their career goals a reality.  “Definitely make National your first choice,” he advised.

Graduate Travis Myles is the owner of Myles Professional Solutions in Memphis, Tennessee.


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