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Bonnie Reynolds-Instructor-Cleveland

Apr 14, 2014

Bonnie Reynolds—Difference Maker at the Cleveland Area Campus

Instructor of business and technology courses

• American National University faculty member since 2011
• Has gained more than 20 years of career experience in various fields, including health care, real estate, life insurance, and banking, and currently owns a consulting business

Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business management, a Master of Arts degree in organizational management, and a doctoral degree in business administration with a concentration in finance

“My passion is education. My desire is to give back by sharing my experience with students who have similar aspirations.  For example, I helped one student develop her motivational speaking skills by having her share her life story before an audience at the Cleveland Area Campus. The response was very uplifting for her!

“I strive to listen to and become familiar with my students’ life experiences and values, then incorporate that information for their own benefit within the course objectives, but also in a way that can be used in their own personal lives.  I challenge my students to identify their own talents and express those talents within some system that can be viable in the marketplace or in their next level of education.

“My favorite moments are when students come back to tell me how a tool I gave them helped them in pursuit of their degree or became part of a bigger venture for them.”

Bonnie Reynolds is an instructor at the Cleveland Area Campus who has more than 20 years of experience in various fields.