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At Home At School

Aug 23, 2011

As a young girl, Heather Korporal fell in love with business, watching both sets of her grandparents succeed as small business owners. Now, as a student at the new FORT WAYNE CAMPUS, she is pursuing her dream and nearly finished with her accounting diploma.

“I like numbers,” Heather explains simply about her degree choice, and she says, “a business is always going to need an accountant.” Employment in the accounting field is predicted to grow over the next decade, a fact that is important to Heather as she looks at her long-term plans. “I want to feel secure,” she shares, “my plan is to have my associate’s degree and work in a place with accounting or as an accountant.”

As a mother of two children Heather understands the importance of security. It was a significant choice for her to decide to go back to school after the warehouse she had worked at for years moved and she lost her job.  “I thought this is the perfect time,” Heather states, remembering her decision to return to school. “Times are going to be tough for us, but I have to do it to help myself and my family.”

Although it has been tough with her two boys, Heather found that it unexpectedly opened up opportunity to work with her oldest son. “Right now  he’s at the age that he’s struggling at school,” she shares with a laugh. When he sees his mom sitting down to do her homework, sometimes he’ll sit down and do his, or ask her about what she’s learning. “With me going back to school it sets an example to them,” Heather says, “Even though I was thirty something and went back to school  [it shows them] you can do just about anything.”

Heather also says that National’s size and the personal attention made a big difference in her success at school. “I really like the one-on-one time [with instructors],” she says warmly, “I have enjoyed all my classes.” For Heather the security and community she finds at National is an important support as she works toward a more secure future for her kids and for her family. “The environment [at National] is just different... it just seems homey to me,” she concludes with smile.

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