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September 30, 2013

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Graduate's Life Changed in Eighteen Short Months

Graduate's Life Changed in Eighteen Short Months

In only eighteen months, Tammy Cannaday earned a new degree at the Martinsville Campus that would change her life. She was working as a customer service representative at the Stanley Furniture Company in 2011 when a lay off forced her to re-evaluate her career choice.

With help from the Trade Adjustment Act, which provides tuition assistance to people who lose their jobs as a result of increased imports, Tammy enrolled in the medical assisting associate’s degree program at the Martinsville Campus in October, 2011. She had previously studied business at other colleges, but medical issues for her and her family had given her a new interest in the health care field.

She was inspired to attend ANU because she had friends who graduated from the campus and had only good things to say about their experience. She also liked that she didn’t have to wait long to start taking classes with National’s multiple term starts.

Several of the credits Tammy earned from a previous college transferred to the medical assisting program which gave her a good jump start. She said that while she put a lot of hard work into her education, it paid off when she graduated this April with a 3.9 GPA and a new job in less than two years after becoming unemployed.

Tammy is now working as a medical assistant for Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care which is also where she completed her externship. She said, “I fell in love with this field,” when she was getting experience in the office as an extern taking vital signs, writing up patients’ medical histories, and performing venipunctures and EKG exams.

New to her career, Tammy is enjoying every minute of it. “This is the first time in my life where I actually have not dreaded a Sunday night saying, ‘I don’t want to get up and go to work the next morning.’”

She is thankful to her instructors, especially director of health care education Gary Jenkins, and Glenda Jenkins who pushed her to understand the course work. She may consider going back to school at some point to pursue a nursing degree but for now, she is glad to have a stable job in the health care field that allows her to do what she loves.

(A) Medical assisting graduate Tammy Cannaday

(B) Graduate Tammy Cannaday works as a medical assistant for Dr. Jon’s Urgent Care in Martinsville

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Campus Celebrates Constitution Day

Campus Celebrates Constitution Day

The Indianapolis Campus celebrated Constitution Day on Tuesday, September 17th with games, food, and a discussion to promote a better understanding of this important historical document. Each student received a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution and campus director and Navy veteran Jim Abraham spoke with students about the importance of the Constitution and knowing their rights.  “Every vote counts. With this right, comes the responsibility to educate yourself on the issues and where the politicians stand on those issues,” commented Jim. He also spoke about instances in history where our choices as a nation have affected us, in order to help the students comprehend the value of how our decisions can affect our future. “It wasn’t our business what Hitler did in Europe. What the Japanese did in Asia. Or so they thought,” said Jim.  “Four years later, on December 7th 1941, we found out how quickly we were wrong. Our Constitution and way of life was attacked!”

Campus director and Navy veteran Jim Abraham addresses students regarding Constitution Day.

Community Activist Speaks at Constitution Day Celebrations

Community Activist Speaks at Constitution Day Celebrations

On Tuesday September 18th, State Representative Gloria Johnson came to the Knoxville Campus to talk with our students as part of the Constitution Day observance. Rep. Johnson graduated from Farragut High School and earned her degree in education locally from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She has worked for 24 years as a Knox County Schools special education teacher. The majority of those years have been in schools in State House District 13 of Knoxville. Gloria first ran for political office in 2009 and is still serving her constituents. She is dedicated to making sure that working families, seniors, teachers, children, and all Tennesseans have a voice.

Rep. Johnson talked with the students about the importance of education, encouraged them to be good citizens, exercise their right to vote and get involved politically.

“I was so impressed that she was a teacher and ran for office on her salary,” commented student Marie Blair, who spoke with Rep. Johnson afterwards.  “She gave me inspiration and direction to become more involved in my community and little did I know that she is in my district.”

Gloria Johnson addresses students about the importance of education and politics.

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