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March 11, 2013

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Barbara Goodson-Wife, Mother, Graduate and Staffing Coordinator

Barbara Goodson-Wife, Mother, Graduate and Staffing Coordinator

Barbara Goodson describes herself as a wife, mother of four, and Girl Scout troop leader. After recently graduating from the business administration-management program at the Madison Campus, and being hired by First Call Staffing in Portland, Tennessee, she can now add college graduate and staffing coordinator to her list of titles.

"I utilize all my skills. It’s a really good fit for me,” she said of her job with First Call Staffing, where she interviews applicants and matches them to positions that the company has available. She also assists with human resources issues, payroll, and more.

Barbara attended another university before coming to National College, but the class schedule there wouldn’t work for her as she tried to manage her family and two jobs while going to school. She saw a TV commercial for National and came in to take a tour. “It seemed to be a really good fit for my lifestyle to get me to where I wanted to be in my career,” she recalled.

She also wanted a change from the large class sizes that she found at the university. “I’m really smart but things have to be broken down for me to fully grasp the concepts…with thirty or forty people, you couldn’t get that," she explained. "I understood what I needed and National had that available.”

Barbara feels that her program at National has provided her with the foundation she needs to succeed in her career. The skills gained in classes such as Organizational Management and Leadership, Human Resources, Accounting, and Income Taxation and Payroll have made her an asset to her company. “National gave me the educational background so that my skills were actually noticed because, without that education, my skills really didn’t mean too much,” she said.

Her five-year goal is to run the office that she’s currently working in. Her long term goal is to own her own company. “Make sure you know what you want out of life,” she advises others. “You’ve got to know what you’re after, and put it together, and be committed to following through—doing your best at all times to be sure you can reach your goals.”

Barbara Goodson is pictured at the Madison Campus when she returned to share her success story.

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Student Finds Employment through On-Campus Interview

Student Finds Employment through On-Campus Interview

Matt Eller, a student in the business administration-accounting bachelor’s degree program at the Lexington Campus, was recently hired as a tax preparer by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service following an on-campus interview with area manager Marion Crusott.

Mr. Crusott has worked closely with the Lexington Campus career center for over five years. He currently has nine American National University graduates working for him in thirteen Jackson Hewitt locations. Five of the locations are supervised by American National University graduates.

“I think it’s a good fit for us,” Mr. Crusott said of his partnership with the Lexington Campus career center. “We’re looking for candidates who need to get some experience and have got some background in computers and accounting,” he explained, adding that excellent customer service skills are also vital for the job. “This is a résumé builder. As long as you know taxes, you can get a job. People are going to hire you.”

Matt is happy to be utilizing both his accounting and his computer skills in his job with Jackson Hewitt. Mr. Crusott said that they’ve been pleased with Matt’s work. “Matt is very professional. He’s done a very good job for us,” he said. “To be quite frank, it’s a very challenging job. One day with us is like a week (elsewhere)—it’s a very fast pace.”

Matt’s wife, Sarah Eller, is also attending the Lexington Campus. She earned her associate’s degree in the administrative office professional program and she is now working toward her bachelor’s degree in business administration-management. Matt will graduate with his bachelor’s degree in April. “It’s put me on a good career path,” said Matt of the career training that he received at American National University and of the valuable experience that he’s gaining at Jackson Hewitt.

In the top photo, student Matt Eller is pictured at his new job at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. Marion Crusott, area manager for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, is pictured in the bottom photo during a meeting with Lexington campus career center director Cheryl Howell. Mr. Crusott has partnered with the Lexington Campus career center for over five years to find candidates for the company's tax preparer positions.

Campus PC Clinic Gives Students Hands-On Experience

Campus PC Clinic Gives Students Hands-On Experience

On Saturday, January 19th, students in the information systems engineering (ISE) degree program at the Florence Campus held a PC Repair Clinic. Students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to bring in their broken or slow-running computers for evaluation by ISE students.

ISE students Kyle Bowman, Adam Brown, Norman Castaneda, Amber Clair, Bobby Cook, Jason Gabbard, Reina Lebron, and Arthur Leopold participated in the clinic with guidance from ISE director Valerie Bowman and instructor Mamadou Sidibe. Reina acted as the “project coordinator,” logging in all of the clients’ computers and then assigning them to student “PC technicians.” After the students diagnosed the issue with the device, they optimized the computer through the use of disk-management and virus scanning software. In addition, the students made recommendations to the computer owners on what hardware and/or software could be upgraded.

This class assignment is a win/win for all participants. The ISE students practiced the skills they have learned thus far in the ISE program and the computer owners, in most cases, gained a better working computer.

Pictured are students are Reina Lebron and Norman Castaneda.

Student Gains a Better Life for Herself and Her Son

Student Gains a Better Life for Herself and Her Son

Ashley Bell, a student at the Danville, Kentucky Campus, recently received a promotion to associate manager at Fazoli’s Restaurant where she is using skills gained in her office technology professional and business administration-accounting programs.

Ashley was unemployed when a friend recommended that she check into the career training that National offered. “She highly recommended it and said that they were really flexible with the scheduling—being a single mom, that was really important,” explained Ashley.

While attending National, she was hired by Fazoli’s as a cashier. After gaining some experience in that position, her employer learned that she had almost completed her degree in accounting and she was offered a promotion to associate manager.

Ashley said that, before coming to National, she didn’t know how to use many computer programs but, because of her education, she is able to accomplish a lot of tasks using computers. Her education also prepared her for working with accounts receivable and payable and balancing the cash drawers.

Ashley enjoys her work at Fazoli’s and feels that there are opportunities to move up in her career with the company. She advises others who need career training to check into American National University. “It gave me a better life and a better income for me and my son,” she said.

Student and new associate manager for Fazoli's Ashley Bell is pictured in a computer lab at the Danville Campus.

Diversity and Communication in the Workplace

Diversity and Communication in the Workplace

Tameka Maxie, quality assurance specialist at the Bluegrass Army Depot, recently visited the Richmond Campus and spoke to students in the Written Communication and Prep Keyboarding classes about diversity and communications in the workplace.

Ms. Maxie, who is a doctoral candidate studying management, stressed to students how business communication is essential in the workplace. She started by explaining the definition of diversity – gender, race, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.—and how these factors influence the way a person communicates and interacts with other people. Ms. Maxie explained to students that it is important to recognize that co-workers may communicate and interact differently.

Students were appreciative of the diversity of communication that Ms. Maxie spoke about. “I really enjoyed listening to Ms. Maxie speak on diversity,” said student Christy Hamilton. “She is a good role model for women and especially mothers who are working and going to school.” Student Tammera Tipton agreed and said, “Differences are important for human interaction. We should always be open minded and learn to set our prejudices aside.”

Instructor Sam Hudson is pictured introducing guest speaker Tameka Maxie.

Students Have an Opportunity to Interview with Potential Employer on Campus

Students Have an Opportunity to Interview with Potential Employer on Campus

Students at the Louisville Campus recently took advantage of the opportunity to meet Sahlim Mustafa, the onsite manager/senior recruiter with Adecco Staffing. Adecco works to fill staffing needs of area employers in the fields of business, information technology, coding, and office management. Typical positions are temporary or temp to hire, although permanent positions may be available as well. Mr. Mustafa was pleased with a recent visit to the campus to recruit for temporary positions for a local company. Of the students he spoke with, 90% went through the process of formally applying.

Helen Lewis was one of the students who visited the Adecco representative. Helen, a veteran of the U.S. Army enrolled in the medical billing and coding program, was pleased with the information she received. She liked the convenience of meeting an employer on campus. She described the prospective job as a worthy position that would accommodate her school schedule.

Student Helen Lewis is pictured talking to Sahlim Mustafa with Adecco Staffing.

Taking Steps in the Right Direction

Taking Steps in the Right Direction

Shannon Bosiger knew she wanted a career in the medical field, but she was not sure of what direction to take. She knew that she wanted to work with patients and be in a position to make a difference in someone else’s day. As a single mother with a young daughter, she realized that it was time to take that first step and finish her education. She enrolled in the pharmacy technician program at the Lynchburg Campus.

“I chose National College because I like the idea of having small classes with hands-on experience,” says Shannon, “and that’s exactly what I got.”

Shannon completed the pharmacy technician program and went on to receive her associate’s degree in medical assisting. During this time, she was selected for the work-study program and provided administrative support at the campus.

“Giving thanks to the staff that helped me along the way in my journey would never truly express how grateful I am,” Shannon explained of her National experience. “There were times when I wanted to give up and just walk away, but I am glad that National College actually has staff that cares about their students and that’s what I loved about the college. I never felt like just another student with an ID number. Everyone knew my name and always asked how things were going and if I ever needed anything to just stop by and visit them.”

After completing her externship with a local medical office, Shannon was offered a full-time position at that practice using her versatile skills for patient care and administrative support as well. Her future plans are to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing or in the health care management field, and she hopes to someday work for a teaching hospital in the research and study of pediatric cardiology.

“I enjoy my job and I have excelled in the position quickly,” Shannon said as she is has high hopes for her future. “I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given with this job and I owe my knowledge to the education I received from National.”

Registered medical assistant and National graduate Shannon Bosiger is pictured at her new job.

Campus Arranged Future IT Professionals to Attend Technology Leadership Event

Campus Arranged Future IT Professionals to Attend Technology Leadership Event

On Tuesday, February 26th, students and faculty from the information systems engineering (ISE) degree program at the Roanoke Valley Campus, attended a Technology Leadership Event hosted at the Hotel Roanoke. The event was presented by Advanced Network Systems – a Virginia-based technology consulting firm – to introduce local businesses and information technology professionals to the emerging field of cloud computing.

The National College students were able to learn some of the newest developments in cloud computing. They also had an opportunity to meet representatives from the different vendors that currently supply cloud products. The event proved to be a great learning experience for all who attended.

The ISE Department of National College stays on top of the newest technology trends in order to expose students to these, so they will be up-to-date when entering the career field. Students Benjamin Meekins and Felix Bond found the event very beneficial as they continue to pursue their bachelor’s degree in information technology. Felix said that he heard some great information but he was also glad to have an opportunity to meet some area IT professionals. “I was able to network with potential externship sites and even employers.” Benjamin concurred and remarked on how comfortable he felt as he spoke with participants of the event.

Pictured are students (l to r) Benjamin Meekins and Felix Bond with ISE department chair Chris Fielder and career center director Kristal Bushong, who organized this learning opportunity for the students.

Evelyn Dallas-Difference Maker at the Nashville Campus

Evelyn Dallas-Difference Maker at the Nashville Campus

Evelyn Dallas from the Nashville Campus


  • General Education Department Chair
  • Instructor of English and keyboarding courses


  • National College of Business & Technology faculty member since 2005
  • Has been an educator for over 50 years


  • Received a Bachelor of Science degree in secretarial science and English from David Lipscomb College
  • Has taught for school systems in New Jersey, Virginia, and Tennessee

I got involved in teaching by accident. After college, I was working in personnel and hated it. My college roommate called from New Jersey saying they needed an 8th grade teacher. I said yes—I thought I could stand anything for a year while I searched for something else. After two weeks, I knew teaching was what I really wanted to do, though I had never entertained the idea before.

I challenge my students to think—to try to think something they have never thought before—to use the brain; question all they see, read, hear—including me.

I admire my students’ perseverance—the effort they put into attending and overcoming obstacles in their way.

The National News is a biweekly publication designed to share the success and academic accomplishments of students and graduates from American National University and National College. For more information, contact the Communications Department.

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