Studying by Style: Visual

May 29, 2013

Everyone has different ways of learning. Understanding the way you learn best can help you study effectively for exams. People who are very aware of their environment, notice details, and relate to shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, may be visual learners. Here are a few study tips for visual learners:

  • Think color. Highlight the important information in a document. Use different colors for each key date, event, or passage. For example, when studying literature, highlight important character comparisons in blue, symbolism in yellow, and key turning points in green.
  • Write and re-write the key information until it becomes vivid in your mind. When you need to recall it at test time, the notes in your own handwriting should spring to mind.
  • Use colorful index cards for notes. Your visual mind will associate a fact with a color.
  • Focus on key words and associate short phrases with that word, rather than long passages; make a list of those phrases.
  • Minimize visual distractions in the room where you study.
  • Move around the room while you study and repeat the information out loud to yourself. This helps the artistic and factual sides of your brain work together and improves memorization.

Not a visual learner? You could be an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic. Some people learn more than one way and employ a variety of techniques. Explore our other LifeNotes study tips.

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