Careers to consider for veterans

Jul 18, 2013

Are you going to school on a military scholarship? Your service to the country may be the foundation you need to succeed in college and your chosen career field.

Here are some rising career fields that use skills you may have learned in the military.

Office management: The team-building and organization skills you learned in the military are the basis of this career. Office managers supervise employees, plan budgets, and ensure standards are met.

IT: Your use of state-of-the art technology in the armed forces may have given you the basis to enter any number of information technology-based positions. But since technology is quickly adapting, continued education is essential with this field, which is expected to grow faster than most others through 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Federal government: Did you earn a security clearance during your service? If so, you’ve got a leg up for jobs in Homeland Security and the Department of Defense because of the time it takes to get higher-level clearances, which may also be useful in work with communications companies, like Verizon.

Intelligence Analysts: Your experience processing information rapidly and your dedication to your country can continue with a career as an intelligence analyst. Often working with agencies like the FBI, they recognize and help combat threats to the country’s security through information collected in the field.

Logistics / supply chain management: In the military, precision was key, and getting where you had to go on time meant everything. Put those same skills to work in a growing industry by studying logistics/supply chain management. You’ll oversee the product from supplier to consumer and make sure it gets where it should be, every time.

Service to the country looks great on a job application and it’s not just because employers are patriotic. It’s because your time in the armed forces can easily translate into a successful career with the right education to back it up.

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